Capcom's Hidden Gems: Dark Void


    Darkvoid is a third-person shooter,  sci-fi action video game developed by Airtight Games using Unreal Engine 3 Technology, published by Capcom for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on April 21, 2010
In the game, players are destined to fight an alien danger that threatens humanity and that was previously banished, the game has a mix of on-foot and mid-air combat similar to Just Cause 3 and Gears of War.

==>ProducerJim Deal Jeff Combos

==>DesignerJose Perez III Jason Lamparty

==>ProgrammerMichael Bowman

==>WritersJeffrey Howell

==>ComposerBear McCreary


(Screenshots from the actual game)


As I mentioned before, the game has a mix of both mid-air and on-foot combat which means a unique combination of both ''vertical cover system'' and ''standard cover system''
The game has a variety of content including, jetpack, hover pack, allowing the conversion between traditional shooter gameplay and flight.
Everything that was unlocked in the first playthrough can be transferred to any new game playthrough making it a new game+.
Upgrades can be purchased using tech points at the start of every level before the actual gameplay begins, and these tech points are earned by defeating enemies, as well, hidden throughout the levels.


The story takes place before World War II events and revolves around a cargo pilot named William Augustus Grey who is teleported to another world while flying through the Bermuda Triangle.
In this world, known as '' Void '' the player will encounter an alien race as well as other humans, which are known as the Watchers and the Survivors respectively,  William reluctantly joins the Survivors, who are engaged in a conflict with the alien race, to satisfy his own desire to return to Earth.

Pros and Cons:


-Gameplay similar a little bit to Gears of Wars and Just Cause

-Awesome musical scores

-Cool weapons

-Awesome finishes

-Awesome Concept


-Terrible flight camera sometimes

-Short game

-Short weapon arsenal

-Terrible flight targeting sometimes

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